Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Placment Contact 2

So today I received another email from placement, this time from my placement assistant Morgan. The beginning of the email said that my file was reviewed this morning and that I needed to send in some additional items. The email also had some information of budget cuts, and being flexible with changes in the Peace Corps, the same information that I was expecting to get based on what others have been writing about. So I was told I needed to send my resume, and my final transcript which I already knew from my previous email. I also needed to fill out a questionnaire about teaching in a Peace Corps host country, and have another reference fill out a reference form. So I spent the afternoon updating my resume, and answering the questionnaire, and sent them back to placement. I have already sent a request to my school about getting my final transcripts sent to me about a week ago so hopefully they will becoming in the mail soon, then all I need is my reference to fill out the form and fax it to placement. My goal is to get everything into placement by this weekend, then I can go back to waiting....


  1. Hey! When are you schedule to leave? It sounds like it slowly coming together for you--good luck!

    I'm nominated to leave in August for Central/South America for Health Extension.

  2. I was nominated to leave in September for Central/South America for Secondary Science Education. So hopefully I'll hear something in the next few months.